This book is the last piece of the puzzle of education for human happiness, the emotional education. The key to the secret of manifestation of our desires is not only in our minds – as many believe – but in the balanced combination of mental intention and emotions well dealt with in equilibrium.


From Maya Lygya, author of Love the Emotions That You Hate! - Practical Solutions for Emotional Healing, "..we all have the ability to express our happiness through our feelings about ourselves, with a concentration of mind and positive actions."


Many people don’t even become aware that there are immediate solutions to their emotional suffering becoming dramatic and self-destructive beings. Just as there are people who control their feelings for life, in the illusion that being strong is to control certain emotions.


But this book proves otherwise. It proves that this belief can be very harmful even to our physical health.


This book, therefore, strongly suggests that you ... LOVE THE EMOTIONS YOU HATE!

Love the Emotions You Hate

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