How opening your heart is good...

Many of us are openly talking about our feelings. Even acknowledging that talking about feelings and emotions can be difficult, it is extremely necessary.

Talking about feelings can make us feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, shameful, or weak, or it may be something we just do not know how to do.

However, experiencing, articulating and exploring feelings is considered very important for a healthy life in every way.

Feelings and emotions are considered important because they nurture and motivate human behavior. If we do not know what we are feeling and simply act, we may not be prepared for the consequences - for example, people may react in ways they had never dreamed of. On the other hand, if we know what it is that we are feeling and why we are feeling it, we can act consciously by choosing the behavior that is consistent with how we feel and what will achieve the results we want.

Also, if we know and understand the reasons for our emotions, we will know ourselves much more deeply, which means we can take better care of ourselves. We can act in ways that are most beneficial to us and we become more capable of leading a purposeful and positive life in tune with who we really are.

What do you think about this? Makes sense to you? Whatever your opinion, tell us to connect.

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