Discover, recognize and use the miracle of attunement in you.

For many years I've heard people say, "What a coincidence to see you here!" and I automatically react, saying "coincidence does not exist, there is harmony". Few people were curious about what I said or asked me what I meant by that. They just smiled, not understanding, and moved on to another subject.

However, in my stubbornness and hallucination to want to contribute to the happiness of my neighbor, I consider this as one more reason to insist on a subject that few focus, however, very important for the manifestation of happiness in our lives.

This text has everything to do with the famous expression of our respected German philosopher Einstein: "there are people who think that nothing is a miracle and other people who think that everything is a miracle".

I fit like a glove in Einstein's second category. This belief is one of the reasons why I live happily and every day a magic story happens and so I always have a curious subject to question and write in an article form so you can read me.

I am already enjoying so much to live a daily miracle that even if there is not a miracle, in the good sense of the word, I will arrange one to thank and recognize. The mere fact of being able to write, with my healthy mind and body, makes me feel grateful for the miracle of my life truly and extraordinarily happy.

But enough of me, let's talk about the difference between coincidence and harmony, which, after all, is also a miracle, in my interpretation.

To begin with, coincidence occurs when two or more things happen in a way that seems to have been combined and tuning is the state of two systems capable of emitting and receiving radio-frequency oscillations of the same frequency. Reciprocity, mutual agreement.

Simply put, coincidence is what "looks" and the tune is "what is".

So when you think about someone who has not seen you for some time and that someone calls and / or appears walking towards you on the street, you have a duty to recognize that your thought / magnetic wave in the form of thought has attracted that person and you are in tune, it was not what it seemed; was what your strength drew to you. Powerful is not it?

So I assume we have the power to work miracles with our lives and if we believe we can, otherwise we will not.

Do you doubt your magnetic force? Then take the S. Tomé test and if you do not want to self-test, observe the small miracles that happen to you so that you are who you are and where you are.

I wish you a life full of miracles, because it is worth enchanting ...

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