How to win at the Olympiads of Life

Ahaaa ... If we used the Olympics competitions as good examples of winning strategies in life, we would win the gold medal of success.

Are you one of those who gets bored when there is competition at work or at home?

When I was younger via competitions on the down side and I was allergic to it, I just wanted to win the game, the rest did not matter to me, I would die of hatred from my competitors if I lost. Once I learned that competition enables me to exercise the muscle of creativity, I have changed from water to wine.

The great world athletes could not beat records if it were not for the competitive spirit they have. Are athletes who are so competitive that compete against themselves, and drop their own records, have you noticed this? The important thing for them is to go beyond limits, to be unlimited.

Sometimes it only takes 1 millimeter more to overcome what seemed to be the most human, and every year someone hits the world record. I think it's fantastic, it's proof that we have unlimited possibilities at our disposal, it's just to believe that we can do more and there we go beyond the ordinary, the ordinary.

That's why I like to use athletes as inspiration and comparison with life because if we want to play to win in difficult situations from day to day we can be athletes of life too, we have free will to opt for the use of our popular Brazilian way positively ??? (the extra millimeter), and if we use the necessary techniques given by an experienced coach, we can go further than we imagined, just train and believe it gives.

If you have competition at work or at home, celebrate, because that's your big chance to use your power to change that situation with class to the positive. The more the competitor challenges us, the more heats the victory.

Ex: Take a look when Bolt wins in one of the races, arriving in the final stretch watching the Canadian opponent competing with him smiling and playing with pride of being the first.

Concentrating on the gold medal on the financial scoreboard, on the scoreboard of our love life, on the scoreboard of our spirituality, and on the scoreboard of our physical health, we are competing with mastery.

What if we used the same tactic at work or college with our colleagues? What if we help rather than want to be helped? What if we focused on our self-confidence instead of charging others for a victim? Let's play with the intention of hitting our own record and BOOM!

Would we feel useful instead of constant criticism and useless complaints? What do you think would happen? Would we win a medal? It is quite possible, but we would only be able to be sure of this by practicing many times until it became automatic, visceral even, as any athlete who cares.

Training every day with discipline. If it becomes very difficult to achieve the success you deserve by yourself, seek help from a Coach you trust and learn the right techniques for success.

So, do you like the challenge of constructive competition? Comment there. I'd love to hear from you.


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